Administrative Hearings and Appeals

Administrative Hearings and Appeals for California Cannabis Businesses

The cannabis industry is California is primed to become one of the most heavily regulated industries in history. Because of the myriad of licenses, regulations and other approvals necessary, there are likely to be many administrative hearings in the process.

Applying for marijuana and cannabis based licenses or registrations may involve an administrative hearing to determine whether or not the applicant has met the requisite requirements as part of the application, to obtain clarifications and address concerns.

You need to know your rights going in. Defending your cannabis business without representation in an administrative hearing can result in not only losing your license, or the opportunity to get one, but you could also defeat your right to appeal before one can be filed.

Cannabis Compliance Lawyers understand the rigorous standards that your marijuana business must meet to overcome any state administrative hearings and we specialize in handling the appeals process where others have failed.

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We can assist you in the following matters:

  • Appealing revocations or denials of licenses.
  • Handling penalties or fees for violations.
  • Representation in administrative hearings.
  • Filing appeals after an Administrative Hearing

The Administrative Procedure Act (APA) in each state provides applicants and license holders the right to appeal a state agency’s decision to deny or revoke a business license or registration.  Those agencies can also impose fines for suspected violations.

The agencies powers are limited and often subject to appeal.   Failure to act in accordance with the stringent timelines and comprehensive rules applicable to your particular license or violation can compromise your opportunity to appeal as well as your success in any such appeal.

Cannabis Compliance Lawyers can help assure that your appeal meets the exact requirements that are critical for correct submission to the proper agency within the mandatory deadline.

Once submitted, we will develop persuasive, intelligent and well researched arguments that are vital to insuring a successful appeal on your behalf.  If necessary, we can bring specialized expertise from within the firm, and engage others when necessary.

Our administrative appeals services include business license revocations and denials, specialty license revocation denials, fines, sanctions and penalties for violations.

Contact us now at our local Cannabis Compliance Lawyers office in Roseville California, so we can assist you to in securing your business license, specialty license or registration when faced with an administrative appeal.