Buying, Selling, and Operating your Cannabis Business in California

Cannabis Compliance Lawyers have the experience, creativity, and influence needed to make profitable business transactions work for our clients.

There is a substantial market for cannabis related businesses, and that trend will continue. These transactions can be very complex, with a myriad of regulatory hurdles, rife with tax and liability implications.

This emerging market is full of interested buyers and motivated sellers looking to cash out or take advantage of the next big opportunity in California.

A knowledgeable legal advisor is crucial when it comes to navigating private equity, corporate governance, restructuring, debt management, tax ramifications, and other complex issues.

Cannabis Compliance Lawyers assists clients across California with a range of transactions involving the buying and selling of their cannabis business and any connected intellectual property.

Cannabis Compliance Lawyers represent buyers and sellers in a wide range of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

From simple business sales to more complicated issues of shareholder approval or spin-off of company divisions, Cannabis Compliance Lawyers gives our clients a critical edge in negotiating and understanding their most critical needs to consider when closing a deal.

Our lawyers assist with the structuring, negotiation, document preparation and the amicable closing of a deal, using our firm’s full resources for everything from due diligence to tax-efficient deal structures.

Our clients get the assistance they need to discuss and prepare letters of intent, conduct due diligence investigations, arrange financing arrangements and form special purpose entities for finishing the business deal.

Whether the buyer is a direct or strategic acquirer or even a financial sponsor, and whether the seller is an inexperienced entrepreneur or a very sophisticated business owner, we always bring expertise to your transaction to ensure that the deal is completed, correctly.