Business Formation

Cannabis Compliance Lawyers provides local, regional and national business clients with a comprehensive understanding of the strategic advantages and disadvantages of various business organization options.  ...More

Cannabis Intellectual Property

Cannabis Compliance Lawyers has decades of experience in developing and protecting intellectual property, including copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and patents across the country.  ...More

Mergers and Acquisitions

There is a substantial market for cannabis related businesses, and that trend will continue. These transactions can be very complex, with a myriad of regulatory hurdles, rife with tax and liability implications.  Our experience can be invaluable to your transaction.  ...More


We have successfully represented marijuana businesses in their legal disputes relating to contracts, intellectual property rights, licensing, administrative appeals, municipal disputes, landlord tenant issues and other matters.  Our experience translates to your success.  ...More

Licensing & Registration

Cannabis Compliance Lawyers understand every essential step of the licensing and registration procedures that you must navigate to establish a strong foundation for your business and your investors.  ...More

Cannabis Business Contracts

When it comes to delivering long-term business security and success, well drafted contracts are critical.  up to date knowledge of new cannabis regulations and pending legislation are critical to your mission.  ...More    

Administrative Hearings

Applying for marijuana and cannabis based licenses or registrations may involve an administrative hearing to determine whether or not the applicant has met the requisite requirements as part of the application, to obtain clarifications and address concerns.   ...More

Arbitration and Mediation

In more recent years, many businesses have turned to various alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) techniques to resolve or rule upon business disputes. ADR methods include arbitration, conciliation, mediation, early neutral evaluations, and variations of each.  ...More